Pop Up Arcade Launch party (2)
September 18th - 20th 2015
Tickets for the launch party available from HERE!

Tickets for the talks and workshops available from HERE!

We will be holding our three day event at The Basement

Check out a wonderful write up of last year's event by Arcadian Rhythms

Or check some photos on Flickr of some videos of the talks on YouTube

Our events uphold a safe spaces policy. Please read it if you wish to attend.

Launch Party
September 18th -- 7.30pm
Games. Drinks. Fun. With live music from:

Tickets £8 - Available HERE!
Open Arcade
September 19th - 20th -- 10am - 6pm
Games. Talks. Workshops.
Saturday - 'Let's make a game' Day

Talk: Josh Naylor, Unity - VR in Unity.
Talk: Johnny Marshall, Sock Thuggery - The Spotter's Guide To Fear.
Talk: Andy Touch, Unity - Using audio in Unity.
Talk: TBC
Workshop: Kerry Turner - Making games in Scratch.
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Sunday - 'Yay games!' Day

Talk: Lorenzo Pilia - The world of Japanese mobile mini-games.
Talk: Alex Grahame - The Chinese Room - Games as a legitimate cultural form.
Talk: Helen Kennedy - Inclusive practices for game design.
Talk: Dick Hogg - 'The Art Guy'.
Workshop: George Buckingham - Cheap bots done quick.
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This year's video game delights!

  • Chariot Chariot - A 2 player coop game dependant on teamwork and communication, about transporting your dead dad to a suitable royal resting place.
  • Line Wobbler Line Wobbler - A super bright door stopper controlled one-dimensional dungeon crawler, with monsters, lava and particle effects.
  • Mount Your Friends Mount Your Friends - Fast Paced competitive sporting event, where you must climb and balance to reach the top of the human tower before the time runs out.
  • PMPY Push Me Pull You - A multiplayer team game about friendship and wrestling. You and your partner control the two heads of a single elongated body to wrestle control of a ball.
  • Rain world game Rain World - Survive deadly rain and explore the ruins of an ancient alien civilisation as a tiny, adorable and slightly creepy slugcat.
  • kigu Gang Beasts - Fighting game for up to 10 players. Where physics don't quite make sense, and never has so much violence been generated from someone wearing a Kigu.
  • Höme Improvisåtion Höme Improvisåtion – The world's most fun and accurate cooperative furniture assembly experience! We lost the instructions, so you will have to figure it out.
  • Realistic kissing simulator Realistic Kissing Simulator - A two player physics based French kissing experience, for you and a good friend.
  • Lift No one lift behind - Just a regular day for a hotel lift operator, apart from the earthquake. Help get your guests to safety!
  • superhexagon Super Hexagon - Momentum, speed, grace, fantastic chiptunes... and feeling a bit sick.
  • Hacker the game HACKER, the movie hacker simulator game - Hack like they do in the movies!
  • JS Joust JS Joust - Physical game using Playstation move controllers for up to 7 players. Disrupt your opponents while protecting your own - all in time to the music.

We could not have brought you the pop up arcade without sponsorship from Unity. Thank you so much for helping to make this happen.


We also received Grassroots funding from Brighton Digital Festival.


We also received wonderful support from the following people with the design. Yay!

persistent peril

And support from the following people with equipment:

Part of the :

Brighton Digital Festival
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We want to create an environment to support the Independent Games community, as well as opening up gaming culture to a wider audience.

Our arcade will run again on the 18/19/20 September 2015 during the Brighton Digital Festival.

We also held an event back in March celebrating women's contributions to the games industry - with wine and cake!

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